1. The Roadmap to Public Safety

The roadmap will realign resources, policies and the focus of the community to create one of the safest cities in Canada. The action plan includes 10 key strategies:

Cracking Down on Crime

One Surrey commits to:
  • Hiring more police officers to maintain the ratio of one officer per 700 people.

  • Cutting officer response times in half.

  • Doubling the number of officers on the road. 

  • Creating an Office of Public Safety to manage crime fighters.

  • Hiring 200 Community Safety Officers, including new by-law and crime prevention officers. The team will be on the ground by the end of 2015, or else Council will take a 10% wage cut.

The One Surrey crime plan is guided by 10 key strategies:
  1. Building a community-based policing model

  2. Fostering a sense of community responsibility in our neighbourhoods

  3. Engaging community partners to make change

  4. Using a problem-solving strategies to eliminate the root causes of crime

  5. Targeting high-risk and high-crime areas and properly managing chronic offenders

  6. Advocating for change in how we treat mental health, domestic violence and youth issues, while protecting our aging population

  7. Providing comprehensive care for victims of crime

  8. Establishing community courts to solve problems around mental health, addiction and domestic violence

  9. Listening to and empowering citizens through community consultations

  10. Keeping young people out of trouble by providing educational, economic, recreational and cultural opportunities

Caring for Our Communities

A comprehensive and proactive plan to fight crime must address the underlying issues in our communities that create social disorder.

One Surrey will care for our communities by:
  • Delivering drug and gang awareness education.

  • Mentoring high-risk teens. 

  • Helping at-risk youth access skills training and employment opportunities. 

  • Creating new recreational opportunities that keep youth out of trouble.

  • Creating more domestic violence awareness initiatives.

  • Increasing the role of the RCMP’s Car 67 program, where mental health nurses work with police.

  • Building a Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Services in Surrey.

2. Spending, Transparency & Accountability

If the waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars continues, it will cripple our city. 

One Surrey is Committed to:
  • Completing a core review and an independent “value for dollar” audit of each city hall department within 60 days of taking office.

  • Cutting at least 1% from discretionary spending and reinvesting it in our public safety budget. 

  • Freezing taxes for two years, relative to the cost of inflation.

  • Implementing stricter purchase authorization and contract procurement requirements.

Ensuring the City Hall Boondoggle Never Happens Again

The new city hall fiasco is a shocking example of Surrey’s out-of-control spending: the project was 50% over budget with a final cost of over $150M. One Surrey will ensure this type of budget ballooning never happens again.

One Surrey commits to:
  • Complete an independent audit of the new city hall project.

  • Dismantle SCDC, the City’s development corporation, and redirect savings to public safety

Ending the Culture of Entitlement at City Hall

The culture of entitlement that has taken over City Hall has eroded the trust of

One Surrey is Committed to:
  • Ending the generous severance provided to elected officials

  • Stopping the needless trips to foreign countries and strictly monitoring all travel

  • Putting a cap on expenses for the Mayor, Council and Staff.

  • Getting rid of the Mayor’s car allowance.

Enforcing Transparency and Accountability

We must become the most open, accountable and transparent municipality
in Canada.

One Surrey will restore trust at City Hall by:
  • Requiring the Mayor, Council and Senior Managers to post monthly expenses online.

  • Creating a real lobbyist registry.

  • Posting the Mayor’s calendar online. 

To put an end to backroom political decisions, Surrey’s communities need to
have a real voice at City Hall: 

  • Establishing a Community Think Tank Team. 

  • Including public representation on every City committee.

3. Smart & Responsible Growth

We need to build a sustainable economy that protects our environment, while
continuing to create a high quality of life for our citizens.

One Surrey commits to:
  • Making life more affordable for families and keeping taxes low.

  • Creating new jobs and ensuring Surrey becomes a magnet for investment.

  • Cutting unnecessary regulations.

  • Protecting and enhancing our industrial and agricultural land.

  • Ensuring Surrey becomes one of the most desirable locations for business in BC.

  • Leading thoughtful planning and building high-quality, sustainable developments. 

  • Establishing full-service counters at our City facilities.

Strengthening our Economy

By capitalizing on our assets and getting our finances in order, Surrey can become the economic powerhouse of British Columbia.

One Surrey will strengthen our economy by:
  • Freezing taxes for two years, relative to the cost of inflation. 

  • Launching new business development initiatives.

  • Hiring a General Manager of Economic Development and Investment.

  • Redeveloping the Cloverdale Fairgrounds and building a Trade Centre and new sporting facility.

A third of Surrey’s land base is agricultural and most of it underutilized. We need to stop wasting this valuable resource.

The One Surrey agricultural strategy has four major components:
  1. Attracting food processing and packaging businesses to Surrey.

  2. Creating incubator farms on City-owned land.

  3. Partnering with educational institutions and local farmers to provide mentorship to new famers.

  4. Building a permanent farmer’s market, similar to Granville Island.

Creating a Smart Roadmap for Growth

The City of Surrey has failed to manage the rapid growth we are experiencing. Bad planning affects the economy and livability of our city.

One Surrey will create PlanSurrey – a smart roadmap for growth, development and environmental protection.

It will embody these core principles:
  • Refocusing and linking the City’s current strategic plans to achieve our goal of smart, responsible growth.

  • Rebalancing the relationship between development and the environment. 

  • Making it easier for the development community to do “the right thing.”

  • Prioritizing protection of our natural spaces and tree canopy.

  • Creating new and measurable benchmarks for effective land-use planning.

  • Ensuring greater opportunity for community input at the outset of neighbourhood planning.

4. Transportation & Transit 

In today’s world, mobility is essential. Congestion is a real problem in Surrey – it is damaging our economy and quality of life. We need to get Surrey moving again.

One Surrey will improve transportation by:
  • Fast-tracking rapid bus and community shuttle services.

  • Investing in road and intersection improvements.

  • Improving traffic flow, including solving parking issues.

  • Fighting for a fair and equitable regional tolling strategy.

  • Advocating for a six-lane Pattullo bridge.

Delivering Light Rail

Our city has waited patiently for rapid transit funding for too many years. If we cannot count on Translink for support, then we must think outside the box to deliver this service our citizens desperately need.

One Surrey is committed to:
  • Delivering light rail transit by partnering with the private sector and coming to the table, as we do with road improvement projects.

  • Launching a light rail pilot project down 104th avenue.