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The wait and see attitude of insider politicians will not fix things. Here is what we will do to make Surrey one of Canada’s safest cities:

  • Collaborating with the Surrey School District to determine the most effective ways to deliver drug and gang awareness education

  • Identifying, assisting and mentoring high-risk teens to prevent crime before it happens

  • Working with the provincial government to help at-risk youth access skills training and employment opportunities

  • Dealing with unsightly properties and problem residences

  • The “broken window theory” proves that addressing petty crimes such as graffiti, fare evasion and broken windows has an effect on reducing violent crime overall

  • Creating an enforceable strategy to hold corrupt or neglectful landlords accountable

  • Using working groups to address the needs of our youth and elderly, families suffering from mental illness, and victims of domestic violence. Working groups on traffic and transportation safety will also be established

  • Providing oversight of halfway and recovery houses in Surrey

  • Curfew checks of offenders with court conditions to ensure compliance

  • Holding interdepartmental public safety meetings to identify problems, develop collaborative strategies, assign tasks and establish a reporting structure that ensures accountability

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