Aug 11

Crime & Managing Growth Top the List

Barinder Rasode Survey Results

Residents say crime and managing growth should be the most significant priorities for the City of Surrey, according to an online survey I conducted.

When asked about the most important issue facing Surrey, 38 per cent stated crime, 35 per cent said managing housing and population growth, 16 per cent said reducing traffic and improving transit, and 10 per cent said attracting jobs and new business.

When asked about crime, 71 per cent said the City is placing too little emphasis on finding ways to reduce crime, 28 per cent said it’s placing about the right amount of emphasis, and 1 per cent said too much emphasis is being put on crime reduction.

When asked about the working environment at City Hall, 96 per cent said they preferred a mayor who can work with people across all political parties to get things done for Surrey, and 2 per cent said they preferred a mayor who is closely connected to one political party at the federal and provincial level.

The online survey ran on my website from July 30 to August 8th and was designed to connect with the community and gather feedback about issues and priorities in the City of Surrey.  Stay tuned – I will be launching new surveys and a telephone town hall in the coming weeks!

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