May 02

Surrey Needs More Police Officers

In the wake of the tragic deaths of two women last night, I am renewing my calls for the City of Surrey to immediately hire more police officers.

Public Safety should be our top priority and our city needs additional police resources.  The current number is not sufficient to carry-out extensive major crime investigations as well as critical frontline work, such as community policing and responding to service calls.

We need to hire 45 new officers this year, in addition to the 60 new officers already announced in the five-year plan released last year.  This will fulfill our Crime Reduction Strategy commitment and keep the promise we made to the public and the RCMP.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is investigating the deaths of two women who were found dead in their home last night.  And, following the arrests of three men in connection with several violent sex assaults, Police are searching for more victims in that case.  Earlier this week, a family was attacked with pepper spray at a Surrey park, another family was terrorized with a knife while playing with their children at a Cloverdale school, and a family dog was stabbed several times by a trespasser.

These horrific violent crimes take time and significant resources to solve and prosecute.  We have fallen behind in the hiring of officers, and as a result, our crime rate has risen and people are telling me they no longer feel safe.  This is not acceptable and needs to be rectified.

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