Oct 15

Surrey Needs Leadership, Not False Personal Attacks

Surrey – Surrey First continues to be out of touch with reality.  They spent a year denying Surrey had a crime problem, and now they contradict their own Mayor by making false allegations.

Regarding changes to the Police Committee, Mayor Watts said to the Now Newspaper on February 3, 2014: "So there's some administrative stuff, and I want to be clear here, because this is no reflection on Coun. Rasode's ability. I think she's done a great job.... I'm stepping in as interim, just to realign stuff.”

“Surrey First can spend their time making up stories, but I’m going to focus my attention on presenting new ideas and new solutions on how to fix Surrey’s crime problem,” says Barinder Rasode, responding to a news release distributed by Surrey First.  For over a year, she has been requesting the City hire more police officers and invest in public safety, and has called for more transparency and accountability in policing.

Rasode enlisted the help of Canada’s longest-serving Chief of Police, Delta’s Jim Cessford, to help draft a 10-point plan to crack down on crime.  She also recruited Merv Bayda and Kal Dosanjh to her One Surrey team, who have 60 years of law enforcement experience between them.

“Do the residents of Surrey trust three law enforcement officials to fix the crime problem, or Linda Hepner and Surrey First who spent a year ignoring and denying that Surrey even had a crime problem?” says Dosanjh.

“Barinder is the only candidate in this election to reach out to law enforcement experts to create a comprehensive crime plan that can be implemented immediately, not five years from now,” says Bayda.

“Barinder’s public safety plan is excellent and it will help make Surrey one of the safest cities in Canada,” says Cessford.  “Her community-based policing model, which incorporates best practices from around the country, is tailor-made for the City of Surrey and will be an effective strategy to reduce crime and improve safety.”



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