Roadmap to Public Safety

The roadmap will realign resources, policies and the focus of the community to create one of the safest cities in Canada. The action plan includes 10 key strategies:

  1. Building a community-based policing model

  2. Fostering a sense of community responsibility in our neighbourhoods

  3. Engaging community partners to make change

  4. Using a problem-solving strategies to eliminate the root causes of crime

  5. Targeting high-risk and high-crime areas and properly managing chronic offenders

  6. Advocating for change in how we treat mental health, domestic violence and youth issues, while protecting our aging population

  7. Providing comprehensive care for victims of crime

  8. Establishing community courts to solve problems around mental health, addiction and domestic violence

  9. Listening to and empowering citizens through community consultations

  10. Keeping young people out of trouble by providing educational, economic, recreational and cultural opportunities

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