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Make Surrey Safer for Families

Barinder Rasode is the only candidate for Mayor who is raising a family in Surrey today. She sees the threats and opportunities the next generation face everyday. That’s why she is so passionate about making Surrey a better place.

Earlier this year, when she saw complacent politicians around her wouldn’t do anything to fight crime, she left the party to take her cause to the people.

Rasode has the only “360-degree plan to fight crime.” She will keep our kids out of trouble and crack down on crime when it happens.

360 Degree Plan to Fight Crime

When the wait and see approach of complacent politicians isn’t working, it’s time for a new ideas, new leadership and a new way of doing things.

The 360 Degree Plan to fight crime aims to make Surrey one of the safest cities in Canada, through a community-based policing model incorporating best practices from around the country and tailor-made for the City of Surrey. The plan was developed in collaboration with Chief Constable Jim Cessford of the Delta Police Department.

Setting new standards for safety, collaborative and innovative solutions within the plan were endorsed by Professor Curt Taylor Griffiths from the SFU Police Studies Program, who also provided valuable insights for the strategy. Learn more about the 360 Degree Plan

About Barinder Rasode

My years of public service have focused around a passion and commitment to creating a better city and a better future for my three children.  Surrey is a dynamic and thriving city, but I believe that we can do better.  As we move our city forward, public safety, a vibrant economy, and healthy, sustainable communities will be paramount.

During my two terms as City Councillor, I have advocated for the hiring of additional police officers, created new awareness and prevention programs to help stop domestic abuse, and worked with senior levels of government and service providers to provide more support for people dealing with issues of mental health, addictions and homelessness.

I have advocated for better transit and transportation infrastructure, successfully lobbied to have the slot machines removed from Newton, and pushed for more transparency and accountability in government spending.

I have also worked hard to find and implement better ways for the City to include citizens in our decision-making process, and engage more people in a meaningful and effective way.  A strong community is achieved through partnerships, and change happens when voices are heard.

Integrity, hard work and equality are a few of my core values, and I possess the unwavering belief that if you love what you’re doing, you will be successful.

I grew up in Kamloops and have called Surrey home for more than 25 years.

I love this city. 


  • Community Safety Committee (Chair)
  • Police Committee
  • Diversity Advisory Committee (Public Safety Liaison)
  • Finance Committee
  • Transportation & Infrastructure Committee
  • Seniors' Advisory & Accessibility (Public Safety Liaison)
  • Community Association Advisory Committee (Chair)
  • Mayor's Committee on Beautification & Town Centre Development
  • Surrey Crime Prevention Society (Liaison)
  • Peace Arch Hospital Foundation (Liaison)
  • Metro Vancouver - Director
  • Metro Vancouver - Zero Waste Committee
  • Metro Vancouver - Finance Committee
  • Municipal Finance Authority of BC (Alternate Representative)
  • Lower Mainland Local Government Association (Director at Large)