Our Future

This plan isn’t just about fixing problems. It’s about achieving our vision for the future of a safe and prosperous Surrey:

  • More police in our streets, especially in high-crime area

  • Citizens working closely with city hall and police to enhance our “eyes and ears” on the streets

  • Faster responses to police calls

  • Public facilities and spaces including built-in crime-prevention measures

  • Growing feelings of public empowerment and local pride

  • Increased sense of safety throughout our city

Crime would not be as bad as it is today if it weren’t for the complacency of Doug McCallum and Linda Hepner. McCallum tried to muzzle the police when they wanted to warn the public about crime, and Hepner has ignored the issue. Why would we trust these two politicians to solve a problem they helped create?

It’s going to take fierce independence to take Surrey where it needs to go. It’s time to reject insider candidates and elect a no-nonsense outsider.

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