Jul 04

Organized Crime Dialogue

Barinder Rasode Gang Violence Surrey



Criminal street gangs are a serious problem in every major city, and the potential for innocent bystanders getting hurt in the crossfire is very high - the Surrey Six murders are a prime example of that. On July 10, we’re holding an Organized Crime Dialogue to bring the community together for a conversation about drugs, crime and gang prevention, and to discuss things we can do as a community, and as parents, to become part of the solution.

Law enforcement officials and former gang members will share their stories and the lessons they’ve learned as a result of their firsthand experience with gang violence and its consequences.  It’s about getting answers and tools to help us develop a comprehensive and holistic solution to the problem.

I encourage everyone to join the conversation.

Click here to register for the event: http://ow.ly/yFGse


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