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One Surrey unites to build a safe and secure city

One Surrey unites to build a safe and secure city

Over the past several months, I’ve had many conversations with Surrey residents. What I’ve heard from you is that the status quo is not working, that we need to elect new faces with fresh ideas to city hall, and that it’s time the leadership of Surrey made public safety its number one priority.




Just this week Surrey was given a D+ grade in crime and public safety as part of a report commissioned by SurreyCares and the Surrey Board of Trade.

My job is to be responsive and what I’ve heard from Surrey residents is that we need change. That’s why earlier today; I officially announced a diverse team of individuals who want to represent you in the Surrey Election.  

Together, we want to build a safe and secure city.

These are some of Surrey’s most experienced and knowledgeable community members, advocates and volunteers, behind some of the city’s most notable initiatives and organizations to move Surrey forward.

I’m proud of the team that has formed. Surrey residents deserve a City Council that will listen to them, ensure their needs are being met, and take action to fix the long-standing issues that are holding Surrey back.

A more diverse council has the potential to better engage and represent a diverse city. But above all, a group of independent thinkers who represent a range of perspectives with experience in law enforcement, business, community advocacy and agriculture, will bring vision and new ideas, engage the citizens they represent and think critically to make informed decisions.

As community leaders and advocates to make Surrey the best place to live, work and raise our families, the One Surrey team is committed to fixing Surrey’s crime problem and building a safe, vibrant and prosperous city.

Those elected to city hall should be a representation of Surrey. I’m proud of the fact that the entire One Surrey team proudly call Surrey home. Like the citizens of Surrey, I want a council that is prepared to work and be part of a team. In forming One Surrey, I wanted people with experience, not necessarily civic experience, but life experience that allow them to look at a problem and make an informed decision.

I’m confidant that One Surrey strikes that balance.

We’re not going to agree on everything, but that’s not what we’re here to do. A mayor and council exist to resolve hard decisions that don’t have simple answers, and to balance off competing interests.

There will be times when we have opposing views. That’s the spice of democracy. So we’re going to listen to each other and to those we represent, and we’re going to debate our decisions thoughtfully and in the best interests of the people of Surrey.

The individuals that form the One Surrey team bring skills, experience and personalities that complement each other remarkably well. There is a shared focus on the future, and I expect to be able to work closely together with each and every one of them.

Meet the team that wants to build a safe and secure Surrey

  • Maz Artang
  • Merv Bayda
  • Mike Bose
  • Darlene Bowyer
  • Narima Dela Cruz
  • Kal Dosanjh
  • Brian Young

Maz Artang will bring a fresh perspective to what is currently lacking in city hall – a voice that represents young people. What better way to shape the Surrey of tomorrow than from the perspective of its future? In speaking with Maz, I can see the passion he has to make this city the place where people want to raise a family and build a business.

Maz has joined the One Surrey team to motivate and encourage people to get involved and demand change. If you have a question for Maz, you can connect with him through any of these channels.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mazartangforsurrey
Twitter: @mazartang
Instagram: www.instagram.com/artangforsurreycouncil
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/mazartang
Website: www.mazartang.com


I’m really excited that Merv Bayda has joined the Surrey One team. A former RCMP officer of 35 years, Merv has spent the past decade managing the Surrey RCMP Auxiliary Program that oversees 100 Auxiliary Constables, who volunteer 25,000 hours to public safety.

Merv is well decorated for his work in the public service having received both the Queens Golden Jubilee Medal and the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal. With his extensive experience in policing and law enforcement, combined with having lived in Surrey for 17 years, Merv brings first hand knowledge of what proactive and preventative actions we need to take through shared ownership that will lead to long term safety and security for our communities.

You can connect with Merv on Twitter: @MervBayda


With agricultural roots in Surrey dating back over 100 years, and as the great grandson and nephew of two former Surrey mayors, Mike Bose’s political bloodlines go way back. It’s refreshing to have someone on your team that wants to serve and give back to this great city.

In speaking with Mike, I’ve heard a lot of great ideas and what his vision for Surrey is. Mike stresses the importance of developing a comprehensive transportation plan that will connect the seven town centres through a better road network and through LRT and express busses. He’s also stressed to me the need to balance our residential growth with commercial and industrial growth. You can learn more about Mike here or connect with him on Twitter @Mike_Bose.


Surrey is home to many entrepreneurs and small business owners.  That’s why I want someone on the One Surrey team that will be a voice for these groups that are so important to our local economy. Darlene Bowyer is one such owner who has run a small business in Surrey for over 35 years. Having seen vandalism and graffiti first hand at storefronts, Darlene strongly supports the practice of “no call is too small” policing, where every call is attended.

Darlene is actively involved in her community, serving on a number of organizations, including President of the Port Kells Community Association, executive member of Surrey Environmental Partners, coordinator for the Surrey Association of Sustainable Communities, and a member of the RCMP Community Consultant Group in Cloverdale/Port Kells.

Want to connect with Darlene? Get in touch with her through Facebook and Twitter

Facebook: www.facebook.com/darlene.bowyer
Twitter: @DarleneBowyer


In forming the One Surrey team, I wanted to bring together people with different perspectives and who have different experiences to draw from. Narima Dela Cruz, a passionate community volunteer, has given countless hours back to her community.

She is the founding Director of the Surrey Philippine Independence Society and has served with organizations such as S.U.C.C.E.S.S., Options Community Service Society and as Vice-Chair of the Johnston Heights Secondary School Parent Advisory Council. Narima is a proud Surrey resident and lives with her family in Guildford.

Here’s how you can connect with Narima.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/VoteNarima
Twitter: www.twitter.com/@narimadc


I want to make Surrey the safest city in Canada. That’s why I’ve reached out to Kal Dosanjh, a veteran police officer with the Vancouver Police Department who has served 15 years as a patrol officer and currently works as a Detective with the Investigative Division.

To have someone with his breadth of experience, having worked for the last eight years in the Downtown Eastside, one of the most challenging and violent environments in North America, Kal will bring results and solutions to Surrey City Hall.  

He currently serves on a number of community organizations, including the BC Human Rights Coalition and SOAR Philanthropic Society.

Connect with Kal on Twitter @Kal_Dosanjh


Another candidate I’m excited about what he can bring to the table is Brian Young. Brian is the Chief Operating Officer of the Surrey Golf Club and Delta Golf Club and President of the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce.

His wealth of business experience will serve Surrey well, having held the position of president at two different Rotary Clubs and vice president at Tourism Surrey. One area of importance to Brian is treating and growing all of Surrey’s city centres in a fair and equitable way where amenities and projects are driven by community needs rather than by political gains.


We are 38 days from the election. Over the coming weeks, the One Surrey team will present a full election platform, which will focus on public safety, transportation, sustainable growth, controlling spending at City Hall, and accountability.

Together we can build a safe and secure Surrey.

Barinder Rasode 



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