Merv Bayda served as an RCMP officer for over 35 years and has spent the last 10 years working as the Surrey RCMP Auxiliary Constable Program Manager, overseeing 100 Auxiliary Constables who volunteer over 25,000 hours to safety.  For his many years of community involvement, Merv was recognized and presented with the Queens Golden Jubilee Medal and the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal.

He has seen the changes from both the law enforcement side and at the neighborhood level, and has decided to run for Surrey City Council because it is time to do things differently, “It’s Time For Change”.  It’s time to try a new approach to the issues and start thinking about the long term safety and security of our community.

When Merv was transferred to the Surrey RCMP Detachment, he was the Staff Sergeant in charge of city-wide community policing. This is the proactive and prevention side of policing that believes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of enforcement.  This is only accomplished by working with the community and having shared ownership of our issues.

Merv has extensive experience in policing and law enforcement.  A combined 45 years in making our communities safer and a continued passion for community safety has compelled him to join this political race.

Merv has lived in the community for 17 years, and currently lives in Fleetwood.