Maz has a diversified background, working in both politics and at the executive level of management in the private sector. He currently works as the General Manager of Browns Socialhouse Sunshine Hills where he oversees a multi-million dollar business.

Maz has decided to run for city council because he is concerned about the state of public safety within our community. He believes that the reputation of our city is currently being tarnished by the increasing crime rate. He notices that the business community is losing confidence in this city, younger generations are flocking to nearby cities, and most importantly, people feel increasingly unsafe in their own backyards. Maz calls for a comprehensive crime reduction strategy that addresses the issues from both a short term and long term perspective.

His slogan is simple “Get Involved. Demand Change.” Maz believes that positive change will come to Surrey by motivating its residents to play a more active role in its collective future. He believes that in some cases getting involved can be as little as getting to know your neighbours or reporting suspicious activities. Maz fundamentally believes that we cannot simply rely on the police to fix our crime problem, and that we, as residents, need to take a stand and take ownership of our city.

Maz was born and raised in Surrey.  He attended Berkshire Park Elementary, Johnston Heights Secondary, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in communications from Simon Fraser University. He currently lives in Guildford.

Maz’s Message

Our city needs vibrant, innovative ideas to remain a great place to raise a family and build a business. I’m running to advocate for our city’s growth through accountable government, transparency, and committed fiscal responsibility. As a city councillor, I will bring new ideas, new leadership, and be completely accessible to the citizens of Surrey through community forums and townhall meetings.