Sep 22

Rasode for Mayor 2014 – Campaign Launch Recap

What’s been called Surrey’s worst-kept secret is now official: Barinder Rasode is seeking the honour, privilege and responsibility to serve as the Mayor of Surrey.

Barinder formally launched her mayoral bid yesterday afternoon at SFU Surrey Grand Hall, accompanied by her three children Kyle, Calvin and Ish.

The response to the launch event has been very positive and Barinder has been answering emails, tweets and Facebook messages of support.

More than 500 people attended – made up of Surrey residents, families, business owners, community leaders and associations, and volunteers – making the event a huge success. 

Bob Campbell helped kick things off with opening remarks. Bob is a member of the West Panorama Ridge Ratepayers Association and has a pulse on the needs of communities. As an advocate for Surrey neighbourhoods, his support for Barinder speaks to the fact that he believes that we can work together to build a city our residents can be proud of.

Sarbjit Batalia and her granddaughter, who spoke about the evils of domestic violence, truly struck a chord with the audience. Sarbjit’s lived through the most unthinkable tragedy any parent can face when she lost her daughter, Maple Batalia, three years ago. One of the things Barinder has taken as a personal responsibility – as a woman who’s elected to office – is to raise a voice on the issue of domestic abuse.

The number of young people at the event spoke volumes about Barinder's ability to connect with Surrey’s fastest growing demographic.

Young people deserve to be part of public engagement that is open, accessible and inclusive. Yesterday, the energy, enthusiasm and passion people showed towards making this city a better place to live, work and play demonstrated that the future of Surrey would be in good hands with Barinder Rasode.

Maz Artang energized the crowd with his uplifting and motivational words. Maz and so many like him are the future of Surrey. It is vital to get young people involved in this movement so they have a voice at the table and their priorities, concerns and vision for Surrey are represented.

Following Maz, former Senator, the honourable Gerry St. Germain provided a few words of wisdom for Barinder, before introducing her to a standing ovation from the crowd. Walking through the crowd with her children, Barinder made her way to the stage and addressed the packed house, expressing honour at the reception and outlining her plans to move Surrey forward as a safe and prosperous city.

When Barinder opened the Surrey Community Hub back in June, she wanted to connect people, businesses and the community. She wanted to have conversations about our priorities, concerns and what matters the most to us. What she heard was that if we want to move this city forward so our communities are vibrant, our businesses are prosperous and our public spaces come alive, we must invest in public safety. She heard from the community, loud and clear, that if we don’t feel safe in our homes, nothing else matters.

That’s the mandate she's been given and the number one priority she will bring forward if elected as mayor. Barinder emphasized that her campaign is about listening to and representing all of Surrey.

In 55 days, the people of Surrey will be handed the keys to the mayor’s office.


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