Brian is the Chief Operating Officer of the Surrey Golf Club and Delta Golf Club, and is the President of Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce.  He is a member of the Ad Hoc Committee for Surrey Schools, and has held the position of president at two different Rotary Clubs, founded a Tourism Organization, and served as VP of Tourism Surrey.  Brian is a Business School graduate with under graduate studies at UWO and Graduate studies at Athabasca U.

When he’s not running golf club operations, you can find him on the Golf Channel, Global TV and BC1 providing golf tips and advice on the game with Squire Barnes, Jay Janower and others.

Brian believes that all City Centres should be treated equally and wants to ensure that each of our town centres get its fair share.   The list of amenities and projects has to be driven by the community and not dictated by the City.  Safety is of paramount importance to residents and business alike - without this fundamental need, we don't have a successful City.  He learned first-hand how crime affects a community when he became a victim of crime at his home and business on the same day.

Transparency needs to occur in all aspects of our City, with Crime being the most critical.  As Block Watch Captain he found out that property crime nearly doubled after the quarter had finished.  This should be information that flows constantly, allowing for citizens to be aware of the spikes by area.

Brian lives in South Surrey and is the proud parent of two school-aged children.