Oct 03

Rasode Launches 360-Degree Plan to Fight Crime


Yesterday I released my 360-Degree Plan to build a safe and secure Surrey 

We have a lot to be proud of in Surrey; our city is vibrant, beautiful and diverse. Our thriving economy is driving unprecedented growth – but we’ve also seen an increase in crime.

As a mother raising a family in Surrey today, our crime rates concern me. For too long, local politicians have muzzled and under-resourced our police. Our communities have been denied the tools they need to prevent crime. The voices of families have fallen on deaf ears. Now, they feel unsafe in their homes, streets, businesses and schools. When communities live in fear, health suffers and opportunity is lost. Safety is the foundation of happiness and prosperity.


That’s why yesterday, I released a 360-degree plan to crack down on crime and build a safe and secure Surrey. A Surrey where we can walk in public spaces and not have to look over our shoulders, where our children can play in our neighbourhoods without fear, and where our communities have the tools, and law enforcement professionals have the resources, to make this city one of the safest in Canada.

It’s not a small feat, and it will require collaboration from citizens, community partners and law enforcement professionals. The good news is that a lot of this work has already started.

Surrey mayoral candidate Barinder Rasode collaborates with long-serving police chief in crime-fighting platform


The 360-degree plan to combat crime was developed in collaboration with senior law enforcement professionals, including leading public safety expert Chief Constable Jim Cessford of the Delta Police Department. Chief Constable Cessford is Canada’s longest-serving Police Chief, with decades of experience implementing evidence-based, community policing strategies.

In meeting with and listening to various law enforcement experts, I heard that a community-based policing model, which incorporates best practices, would be an effective strategy to reduce crime and improve safety in Surrey. You can read more about it here.  


I also heard from concerned Surrey residents. What they told me was they would like to see a model of policing like in Delta, where no call is too small.

Surrey mayoral candidate proposes new approach to crime - Barinder Rasode suggests ‘no call too small’ model, similar to Delta’s

One of the first steps I’ll take if elected mayor is to create an Office of Public Safety for the City of Surrey. The Office will be accountable to Mayor and Council, report to the City Manager, and most importantly work for the citizens of Surrey. The Office will manage policing, fire, and bylaw services, as well as my new Community Safety Teams.

Barinder Rasode launches 360-degree plan to fight crime that leading public safety experts endorse

I will continue to work with and listen to citizens, community partners and law enforcement professionals. The 360-degree plan is rooted in doing what works, based on evidence, experience and evaluation.

Barinder Rasode

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